AiCROV organizes a day with its collaborators to design the post-Covid19 company

The day, held in the heart of nature, served to define new lines and business strategies

This action reinforces the company's commitment to its collaborators, strengthening talent management and internal team cohesion.

Tarragona, 12th June 2020: The impact of the coronavirus has created a great challenge worldwide. For this reason, last Wednesday, AiCROV’s General Directorate organized a different working day with a part of its collaborators to analyze, debate and build how the ‘AiCROV’s post-Covid19’ should be.

The collaborators set their routines and daily tasks aside and enjoyed an inspiring day in the middle of nature. This conference served to define new lines and business strategies, as well as to get to know different points of view, identify strengths and weaknesses, and strengthen the team's internal cohesion.

At AiCROV, communication and teamwork are of vital importance. For this reason, the company strives to manage the talent, positive attitude and motivation of its team in order to increase productivity and produce synergies between the different work teams.